MA International Relations – The Program


The program is composed of four fields:

1. Theories and Issues of Global Governance
This field focuses on basic theories and themes of international relations and governance including issues of international security and international political economy.

2. Changing Context of Global Governance
The second field highlights broader processes of political change which impact international and transnational cooperation including state transformation and the legalization of world politics.

3. Theorizing Social Order and Change
Covering classical as well as contemporary social theory, as well as normative theory of world politics, this component aims to provide a theoretical framework for understanding and evaluating issues of governance.

4. Methodology
In order to provide students with the techniques to conduct up-to-date research, the program offers courses on advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as on research design and the logic of scientific research.

During the course of study students will take three modules from each of the four fields. Each module is offered in a small and a large version worth 6 and 9 ECTS credit points, respectively. Students will take one half of the modules in the small and the other half in the large version, thus obtaining 90 ECTS credit points in the four fields. The MA thesis, which is written in the fourth semester, is worth 30 ECTS credit points.

A detailed description of all modules can be found in our Module Catalogue.

The Curriculum

  Theories and Issues of Global Governance Changing Context of Global Governance Theorizing Social Order and Change Methodology
1st Semester
Actors, Institutions, and Global Governance International History Modern Social Theory Research Design
2nd Semester International Political Economy Transformations of the State Social Theory and International Relations Advanced Quantitative Methods
3rd Semester War and Peace Legalization and International Law Normative Theories of International Order Advanced Qualitative Methods
4th Semester MA Thesis
MA Thesis Seminar

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The fall term starts in early October and ends in mid-January. The spring term starts in early March and ends in mid-June.

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